New Get Quote tool and Custom Stores Makes Ordering branded merchandise as simple as 1-2-3! 

In January we added a new “Get Quote” form on our website. The enhanced user experience is making the All Star custom apparel process much more effective for everyone!  Many of our customers have also been using the free Custom Store services.

The Get a Quote simplifies the ordering process. With just a few clicks users can easily submit an inquiry and hear back from an agent within 24 hours. A custom store is a web page branded for the client organization – i.e., their own “company store.”  The company store carries only client approved branded items, which can be added or removed at any time. Their stakeholders (employees, members, students, etc.) can visit the store and order merchandise whenever they want and from anywhere.

The results have been great. We have been working with wonderful people and new orders to process!  Orders that are not picked up at our showroom are shipped to locations throughout the DC-metro region and across the country. But not all our employees working in our shop can operate the equipment or package up the finished orders.

Meet Anna, our in-house mascot who accompanies her dad, Ron, to work every day. Anna watches over the production team as they create embroidery and screen printing orders. For Anna, more order means she gets to hear the roar of the Big Brown Truck coming around the corner more often.  Pickups are the highlight of her day because she knows our friendly UPS driver, Alex, is coming to pick up orders and deliver a special treat just for her!

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We stitch & print on most  material.

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We are a family-owned and operated screen printing and embroidery house dedicated to quality, value and exceptional service.  Founded in 1988, we provide custom and contractor services.  We create everything onsite at our Northern Virginia production facility and ship anywhere in the USA.

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